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EB were the first in the UK to develop the production of tanks in GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and have continued to lead the field ever since, continuing investment and research has resulted in one of the most advanced silo and tank production facilities across Europe.

Manufactured from EB’s blended polyester resin or optional isothalic and vinylesters, the tanks have the following advantages:

  • Single piece construction
  • No seams, joints or bolted sections
  • Corrosion resistant for long life
  • UV stabilized GRP material to protect contents and silo
  • Semi-transparent GRP allowing contents level to be checked
  • Superior thermal insulation values compared with steel
  • All contact fittings GRP or Stainless Steel
  • Standard 2” or 3” Flange pads for filling and discharging, other sizes available on request

EB have a standard production range but can manufacture storage vessels to customer’s specific requirements.

Today a GRP silo or tank is not only an alternative but also the "first" choice in storage.