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Winchable Feeding Systems

The broiler market demands a fully suspended, winchable feeding system, with round pans set at intervals allowing free movement of birds.

The EB winchable pan system achieves dramatic reductions in labour and running costs by virtue of its pan size. Most pan feeding systems set the pans at 750mm centres, with a pan circumference of approximately 1040mm, as opposed to the EB pan which is 1280mm - that is 23% greater in circumference at the pan. However, when the position of the bird when eating is taken into consideration it is accepted that the EB system gives the same linear feeding area, at 1000mm centres. The reduced number of pans saves 25% in adjustment time, cleaning and maintenance.

A unique feature of the pan is its inward turned lip. This is well known by the expert poultry man to give tremendous feed savings and is often omitted on the other feeder pans due to the complexity and costs involved in manufacture.

The system is built around our renowned centreless auger, which is encased in tube with a diameter of 50mm and a wall thickness of 1.2mm.

Following manufacture, the external surface of the tube is galvanised. This process helps eliminate the risk of unprotected areas of the tube rusting.

The 50mm auger tube is larger and more rigid than the 45mm tube traditionally used, which makes it less prone to distortion and bruising.

The main consideration was to achieve a much higher throughput of food than would be achieved using the traditional 45mm tubing. In the event of a power failure, lower capacity feeders would cause bird migration, probably resulting in mortality, stress and lack of uniformity. Our system is designed to eliminate such a problem.

This system is also more suitable for the client who wishes to create a feeding pattern throughout certain periods of the day so as to assist with controlling bird growth. Here we refer in particular to meat birds or broilers.

The larger size tube gives a greater capacity of feed. The result is that when the feeder starts, the feed is simultaneously dispensed into all feeder pans. This, coupled to the high capacity auger means that the systems refill faster than 45mm systems available. However, this is not a controlled feeder. (See EB Pulse Feeder)

EB’s concern for hygiene and bird welfare played a prominent part in developing this feeder, avoiding inaccesible areas, leaving all areas free for pressure washing, enabling strict hygiene control.

Belief in freedom of movement and access to feed led us to developing a pan free from grills, spokes, baffles and other obtrusions, avoiding bird stress, trapping and possible bruising.

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