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Overhead Feeding Systems

In these days of totally enclosed houses and high stocking densities, EB Equipment have recognised the need for an alternative to the conventional round the house chain powered, low capacity systems.

The use of two augers transports food directly to the stock, reducing damage during house clearing and cleaning, saving time on systems that need stripping and clearing.

The auger tubing, pans and assembly are made of durable polypropylene and exceed all known poultry house hygiene and cleaning regulations.

Universal Pan Feeder

The universal pan feeder is suitable for a range of birds, due to adjustemnts in the cone and grill.

The cone can be preset to give levels of food in the pan, the grill can be adjusted in relation to the lower portion of the pan to give minimum of 75mm and a maximum of 125mm.

Duck Pan Feeder

Manufactured to the same specification as the universal pan feeder but without the grill, this leaves a shape ideally suited to ducks and starter birds.

Turkey Pan Feeder

Comprising of a pan, a domed cone and an extension ring, the pan can be used without the extension ring for starter birds and subsequently added when the birds reach the desired size.

The feeder is also available in any combination of the above, which makes it ideally suited to any requirement you have.

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