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In Parlour Feeding

EB Colour Code Variable Flat Rate

Impressed with the efficiency of EB feeding systems installed at two of the farms he runs, Edward Dale couldn’t have chosen a better time to approach EB, when the equipment at his third dairy farm in Congleton needed replacing.

The team at EB Equipment had just re-launched its Colour Code In-Parlour feeding system with a new development making it even more efficient and cost-effective, after the original system won the silver cup at the 1975 Dairy Event.

The Colour Code 2 Programmable Feeder totally eliminates any time taken by the stockman for feeding, thereby increasing the through put of cows, at the same time dispensing cake with a high degree of accuracy.

The new version now includes a means of dispensing concentrates with an easy quantity adjustment that can be preset to suit the stockman’s feeding regime. This makes the system ideally suited for the principle of flat rate feeding.

The operation is indeed fast, simple and foolproof. All that the stockman needs to do is check the yield, work out the amount of foodstuff to be fed converting the results into colours.

With easy recognition of colour related to cow, it only takes seconds to press the appropriate coloured switch on the console.

In fact, the switches on the EB system are large, robust and spaced consistent with the hand and finger size of the stockman, unlike methods utilising numbers on keyboards or digital displays where operator error can occur.

Moreover, the Colour Code 2 Programmable Feeder can easily be adapted for both In-Parlour and Out of-Parlour feeding.

Edward Dale comments: “ I knew I could depend on EB Equipment to provide the best equipment and the advantages of the Colour Code 2 are proving invaluable. The system makes it even easier to ensure that my dairy herd are getting exactly what they need to maximise their yield.”

EB Traditional Manual Flat Rate

The system, which was the result of four years intensive research by EB Equipment, was designed to increase the milk output whilst improving profits from the same capital outlay, to cut down the unproductive time awaiting milking and reduce actual milking time. Every feeding point in the parlour is fitted with an individual dispenser, which is variable from a minimum of 1 kilo to a maximum of 3.5 kilos, according to the density of food being dispensed. The stockman sets all the dispensers to the same setting within the aforementioned parameters - consequently every batch of cows milked are fed the same amount of food.

Feeding is achieved simply by pulling the handle to activate the system. On releasing the handle, the system automatically refills the dispensers in readiness for the next batch of cows. Simple to operate, the stockman is totally relieved of any involvement with feeding, other than pulling a handle once for each batch of cows.


Dairy farmers like Mike Alwood of Nantwich continue to favour EB Equipment’s highly acclaimed original manual system.


Recently installed at his dairy farm Mike Alwood says: “ EB Equipment went out of their way to help and advise me. They arranged for a specialist to visit my dairy farm and assess the best system to suit my feeding routine. My dairy cows are now reaching their full potential and there’s no doubt in my mind this is due to EB’s award winning system. ”

EB In Parlour Auger Systems

EB has fitted auger systems into milking parlours for more than 30 years, the experience we have gained over this time period has placed us in a unique position. Working closely with milking equipment manufacturers and utilising their dealer network, we are able to supply auger systems suitable for any type of dairy parlour feeding.

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