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Free Range and Game Feeding

The concept for the 90’s was the production of eggs from birds in loose-housed systems, i.e free range. Also in recent years the demand for game birds has increaseed to a level where large-scale production units required equipment more specific to their requirements.

EB has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of drinker and feeder systems for loose housed/free range birds, awarded a medal in 1958, followed by periodic accolades up to the present day.

EB has continued in the design and development of feeders and drinkers for this market, moving from steel in to polypropylene, using the latest in injection moulding and extrusion technology, to producea range of products specifically designed for this market.

As there is a lot of emphasis placed on the integration of production units into the rural environment, EB have produced a range of G.R.P (glass reinforeced plastic) silos which have a specific pigment to blend with the environment and at the same time allow the client to make visual inspection of product levels.

The covenying of foodstuffs from the silo to the individual feeders is by the unique EB 75mm centre less auger system. The EB universal pan feeder, which is suitable for either meal or pellets, is attached via telescopic drop tube to a swinging "T". Which allows the pan to be swung out of the wayduring cleaning.

A complete range of bell drinkers, model 40, 60, and 70 are available. The model numbers denote the pan depth, the 㤰’ being suitable for the smaller bird, for example the free range broiler and the 㥄’ is ideal for the point of lay/mature bird.

The drinker has an integrally mounted ballast unit as well as pre-moulded stabiliser blades which, coupled with its spherical shape, gives a low centre of gravity. This combination gives the drinker a great deal of stability aiding the positive valve action, reducing spillage to a minimum, the net result of which is less dirty litter, less dirty eggs.

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