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EB Flexible Auger Feed Conveying Systems

Design and develop your feeding systems around the
original EB Auger

The EB auger was developed following many years experience working in the agricultural industry and our observations of alternative feeding systems.

If you are considering the installation of an EB feeding system before you make any decision, please do as we did:-

Consider the alternatives

Small bore, open trough chain and flight, wire and flight and finally shafted auger - all are systems used today in the automation of livestock feeding systems.

All suffer from one or a number of the following:

An inability to convey 10mm diameter cubes, low output, high power consumption, segregation and breakdown of feed.

The EB centreless auger overcomes all the preceding problems. The centreless auger is a closed system running in premium quality polypropylene tubes with a sealed pick-up boot and drive head.

The EB 75mm auger will convey meal, pellets and cattle up to a maximum of 10mm diameter and 20mm in length at a rate of 1250kg/hour, quietly and efficiently up to 80 meters, with a 0.75kw motor, eliminating contamination with a minimum of segregation and breakdown.

The EB auger is also flexible enough to convey around bends without the addition of extra drives or gear heads, whilst fitting into most livestock houses unobtrusively and with a minimum of obstruction.

Having perfected the ’HEART’ of the conveying system, we required a suitable pick-up boot to collect food from the bottom of the silo and anchoring point for the drive head.

The pick up boot was designed to give a controlled and managed supply of feed into the auger system. Each boot is sealed to prevent contamination of feed due to vermin or ingress water.

The power behind our systems are our geared power units. Designed to operate in tough conditions they are capableof fulfilling the most demanding of tasks.

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